Hilary Radley

Spring Collection 2017

Elegant. Dynamic. Energetic. Smart. Opinionated. Hilary Radley epitomizes the modern woman of today. For the last 30 years, Hilary Radley has become the designer that embodies femininity and strength, bridging the style of London, and the romance of Montreal.

Born in England and educated with a B.A. Degree in Textiles, Hilary worked in costume design for broadcast television and as a fashion college lecturer before moving to Canada to begin her fashion design career.

Hilary quickly made a name for herself as North America’s ‘Queen of Outerwear’ solidifying a place for her brand in the global marketplace.

The Hilary Radley world has expanded into a complete lifestyle brand that offers women’s handbags, footwear, optics and scarves. The brand is sold in major department and specialty stores across Canada and the U.S.

Out-spoken and involved, Hilary is active in supporting philanthropic organizations involving children and finding a cure for AIDS. She sits on the board of the Canadian Anti Malaria Coalition helping to raise awareness and funds for children in Africa.


  • 1986

    Hilary Radley begins designing her first commercial line. Her bold styles awarded her the title as the nation's "Queen of Outerwear".

  • 1990-2008

    Radley and her design team joined forces with UTEX Fashion Group, launching her line at better stores across North America.

  • 1992

    Hilary opens her first showroom in New York.

  • 2009

    Hilary Radley joined forces with Levy Canada and reclaimed her namesake brand.

  • 2016

    Hilary Radley brand it is acquired by Corwik Group - a Canadian leading importer and designer of women's apparel. Corwik invests heavily in the brand and introduces multiple category expansions.


Exciting and wearable pieces that can be worn together or individually. With an emphasis on comfort without sacrificing style, the brand combines knits and stretch fabrics to allow ease and modernity to this thoughtfully executed collection.

Hilary Radley balances a European elegance with North American practicality and a design sense that emphasizes distinctive prints, colors, and flattering silhouettes.

The essence of the brand is rooted in premium outerwear and has expanded to include the use of wovens and knits.



Our mission at Hilary Radley is to focus on age appropriate, trend clothing with a modern point of view. We bring flattering and comfortable fit, innovative fabric treatments and quality workmanship enhanced only by excellence in design.

Extensive trend research enables the brand to push and extend the boundaries of today’s style and to fuel the brand’s unique ability to epitomize and define the look of now.

Hilary Radley


Katherine Barclay

by Hilary Radley



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