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Hilary Radley

Hilary Radley, the Canadian fashion designer highly acclaimed and spread to several categories in women’s wear including women’s accessories. She has built an international brand name, you can find her full story on our website. Hilary Radley brand is sold to various major retailers such as Costco and has a strong ad campaign and can be found in magazines such as InStyle. The Canadian company Groupe Corwik acquired the Hilary Radley brand and they give the brand full expression while enhancing it with a new direction

Hilary Radley for Katherine Barclay is a limited luxury collection designed in Montreal and sold in over 700 retailers across North America. Previously under the Katherine Barclay label it has merged with Hilary Radley label becoming Hilary Radley for Katherine Barclay. Under Creative Director Barbara Boosamra, who until now devoted her style and talent to the Katherine Barclay brand and continues to under the new label. The brand continues to provide a collection for every moment of a woman’s life. It uses the finest quality fabrics and combines them with edgy styling, that work for today’s modern woman who wants to stand apart from the rest. It is this unique combination that allows the brand to succeed beyond expectations season after season.

“The whole purpose of fashion is to make us feel stylish, beautiful and glamorous.
Every design is created with that in our minds and in our hearts.”
– Barbara Boosamra